Blocked drains are unsurprisingly common and clearing them with a plunger doesn't always work. Sometimes, the blockage is just too stubborn, and you need the services of experts like us at Secure Plumbing Solutions for high pressure water blasting service Sydney. We are the drain unblocking experts that use the latest technology and tools in our work so that every job we handle can be completed efficiently and effectively.

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About Our High Pressure Water Blasting Service Sydney

When dealing with stubborn drain blockages, we use high-pressure water blasters in Sydney. This is referred to as hydro-blasting or jet blasting and is the most advanced technique to unlock pipes and clean them from within.

The water pressure helps flush out all the debris from within the pipe. Compared to other tools that only push the clog down the line, our high pressure water blasting service in Sydney is more effective as it helps to clear the drain quickly and efficiently. It also minimises the chances of a block occurring in the future.

Sydney High Pressure Water Blasting Benefits

  • Penetrates and emulsifies grease
  • Breaks through debris, sludge & foreign materials
  • Pulverises roots
  • Flushes out all built-up matter, leaving the lines clear
  • Helps licensed Sydney plumbers use CCTV drain cameras to inspect the pipe for damages
  • Helps remove tough tree roots

If drain blockages are a frequent occurrence on your property, contact us for high-pressure water blasting service Sydney. We use a combination of a CCTV drain camera, locator and jet blaster for a quick and permanent solution.

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