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Our Services

Our Services

Secure Plumbing Solutions offer reliable emergency services for any residential, commercial or industrial plumbing issues. Whether your hot water system has failed, the toilet is leaking, or a gas pipe has suddenly burst – getting help from a trusted plumbing technician is only a phone call away.

Blocked Drains

Here at Secure Plumbing Solutions, we do not hide any hidden cost at all when it comes to getting your sewer/stormwater systems back on track and running smoothly. Our technicians are highly skilled in cleaning out all types of drain systems and are here to help. By using our team, We will assess the state of your drains and give you the best cost effective solution with honest pricing to ensure you don’t run into these issues again.

Hot Water Services

Is your hot water system leaking? Are you looking to install a new hot water system? Whatever the issue may be were here to help.

  • We work with all types of hot water systems including:
  • Gas storage water heaters
  • Gas instantaneous water heaters
  • Electric storage water heaters
  • Gravity fed heaters
  • Solar hot water systems

Tempering valves: what is a tempering valve? Tempering valves are a device that mixes hot and cold water straight from the heater to deliver hot water at a constant temperature which can be adjusted by a licensed plumber.

Tempering valves are required on all hot water systems and our plumbers are trained to install these on all systems.

Gas Services

Here at Secure Plumbing Solutions we are licensed in natural gas and LPG installation and repairs. If your are smelling gas or are suspicious of a leak somewhere it is imperative you call a licensed plumbing technician straight away. Our team takes this work extremely seriously and are very responsive with this matter. Do not hesitate to call us even if just as a precaution. Our duty of care as plumbers is to ensure all gas works are up to code and ensure you are safe in your home and/or business.

Water Services

If you have a burst pipe this can cause harsh damages to not only your property, but your belongings as well. If you notice damp areas or unusual water patches both inside and outside your property contact our team as these damages can rapidly escalate.

General Maintenance

At Secure Plumbing Solutions general maintenance covers all the usual round the house issues you
would get with plumbing such as:

  • Tap sets- whether the taps wont close completely, water keeps dripping or just hard to turn, we have a solution that can help.
  • Toilet repairs- either your toilet may be blocked, water is leaking into the pan, or what ever your issue may be our plumbing technicians are skilled in rectifying the issues.
  • Leaking shower- our plumbers are trained in assessing the situation to find and locate where the leak could possibly be coming from and repair any and all problems the come across.

Our general maintenance covers a wide variety of plumbing works, these are just a few examples of
common repairs we deal with. Contact us today for more information and booking.

Camera Inspections

At Secure Plumbing Solutions, we provide camera inspections for your stormwater and sewer needs for all types of home and businesses. It is imperative the service is always conducted by a trained and trusted professional. There is a wide array in why a camera inspection ca benefit you from locating tree root penetration to a poorly installed piping system. Here at Secure Plumbing Solutions our plumbers use only the best equipment and technology to quickly locate and assess the state of your plumbing system. Our plumbers are trained and skilled in this process to make sure the capacity of this service is achieved. Not only can we look and assess the problem through CCTV technology, but we can also pin point and locate the issue on site using a special location system. Call us today to book an inspection or to learn more about this process.